2021 Ford F-150 Raptor – MPG Test | Real-world Highway Range

The F-150 Raptor is amazingly capable off road and on. But that does have a steep penalty at the pump, especially with the hardcore 37 package (meaning …

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  1. Whats with the little purple flashing lights? Is that the alarm system? That must be annoying at night.

  2. I got 37 in gen 3 and i have 2k miles with avg 10.5mpg but I mostly drive in city. I also drive pretty hard b/c of the exhaust. So pretty bad.

  3. I currently have a 2022 raptor 37 on order. And I purchased the Raptor over the TRX because I thought it would be a better daily driver. Besides my 2014 gt500 will look great sitting next to it .

  4. My Raptor 37 is getting 16.1 mpg running 75 – 77 mph. Air pressure in all tires is 40 lbs. If you run the truck hard plan on way less than 15 mpg.

  5. thank you very much. I have one on order and was wondering if I made the wrong choice. I did not.

  6. Charlie, I was enraptured by this Raptor mpg test. The highlight for me was 6:33 when you were passed by two Corollas at the same time. When we consider the Raptor has more horsepower in one cylinder than those cars have in their two engines combined, we are left with much food for thought 😉


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