2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E in-depth review – the first electric muscle car?

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  1. You can also turn off the engine sounds with a simple toggle in the drive mode screen, regardless of the selected drive mode.

  2. Very disappointing especially the looks of this car is so bad, it looks like a sporty mazda hatchback creation gone bad. What was Ford thinking? Why the small tires, narrow wheel base and lack of cargo room? No heated seats standard? No glass sun shade? Tech doesn't work? Too many models offered as well, they should have just made this thing bigger, sportier and more aggressive looking and coupled it with their best dual motor done!

  3. Mache-E is amazing, can't wait for the F150 lightning! Great company and great stock with great potential!

  4. Its no muscle car. It just looks like a copy of other electric cars.

    If they made a Real electric Mustang, now that would be good.

  5. Carbuyer – the FUD Muck-e is a COMPLIANCE built car made in MEXICO.
    it is a LIGHTWEIGHT, it lacks the RANGE , Spec, Performance to be a MUSCLE car, when a TESLA standatd DUAL MOTOR has better Spec & Performance than the MUCK-e.
    also, FUD Motors is not even going to make 100k of these cars.
    TESLA however plans on making over 300k Model Y alone.

  6. Love Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Mustang name too. Living in 2021.
    Tesla quality garbage built quality suck's and ugly catfish front.

  7. Wow! You can buy live lobsters, and put them under the bonnet! They will have the ride of their lives, and no nasty smells inside. You can even wash them with a hose afterwards.

  8. Looks like a Ford Focus with about as much charisma. The Skoda and the VW are both better electric cars by all reports.

  9. Unbridled mode stiffens up turning the steering wheel a bit and makes the accelerator more responsive/quicker. The feature that is truly innovative is the one-pedal drive mode.
    Just wait till the GT version arrives if you treasure enhanced performance.


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