2021 Ford Transit review | Edd China's in-depth review | What Car?

In this review of the 2019 Ford Transit, Edd China puts the most famous van in the UK through its paces, but do the qualities of the …

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  1. I have been trying to have one of these (a 2021 year model), delivered to me in Australia having put the deposit down in April. The delivery date was going to be August then it was going to be Oct now it is February next year 2022. I have decided to opt for something else. Something that is already here in the country…… an LDV deliver 9 LWB high roof in pacific blue, for about $15,000 less than the equivalent Transit.

  2. We have the Ford Transit here in America. I sometimes drive a Transit 250 that's either 2WD or AWD with a 3.5 Liter gas (Petrol) V6. The medium wheel base with the medium rooftop. I believe it's 9 feet in clearance.

  3. Mr. China looks a bit cramp in the driver's seat with his knees close to the dash and half way up beside the steering wheel. Really not good for long legged drivers on long drives.
    Remove the back wall panel that is behind the driver's seat (or shift it a few inches back) and get that drivers seat further back. — and yes, I know the reason for the back driver's wall on a cargo van.

  4. Good van for daily routine. Nice environment. Excellent Option for delivery business. With automatic transmission and packs confort. Interior configuration for tool or product storage shelves.


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