2021 Lexus IS: A Focusing Look by Townsend Bell | Lexus

Take a closer look at its 2021 Lexus IS exterior design, and learn how Lexus made use of the latest innovations ….

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  1. What new IS design features stand out to you? Let us know what you think about the all-new 2021 Lexus IS in the comments.

  2. If you make a variety of sports car and sedan designs, mainly classic cars It looks like it will be a big hit, and it is a legend if the design comes out as it is with the old brand. Let's make one with a classic brand.
    There is one problem that brands need to be aware of. In 2019-2020, whether the cars are sedan or suv, the design is very similar. I hope that in 2021, the car design will come out with a unique brand of its own. Here are examples of similar designs ex/7series=xj,xf=a7 ex/qm3=3008 Cars from 2021 want different designs, so they sell a lot and remain in history…
    The gear bar gives a feeling of performance like Bugatti. On the other hand, the dial gives an elementary school student feel, and the button dish is uncomfortable.
    It would be nice if a car that felt like Volkswagen's sedric, buggy, or id4 minibus appeared, and it would be nice if the suv had its own design like crossblue. Too suv is commonplace….

  3. Seems Lexus hired Chris Bangle to design the hideous rear end of this car. Does anybody remember the BMW E65 7 Series or the BMW E63 6 series coupe, with the ironing board style trunk?
    It's a shame cos the car is very pretty overall.

  4. Lexus is test trial on the road seeing the car had no stability during cornering, it lost control and excceded the lane which is dangerous to two way traffic.

  5. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to speak out regarding the design of this new IS. Here are some bullet points:
    -Overall, a general step in the right direction
    -Black wheels are a niche option that should be in an optional package, silver wheels look better
    -Front design looks good. Headlights are a tad too low on the frame and should be higher, but not at the point where it hurts the look.
    -Rear of 2021 IS just isn't distinct enough. It was obviously "played safe," and is too "cookie cutter bland" in that the designers went with something inoffensive instead of reflective of the technologically edgy look that the IS line is intended to radiate.

    Will you make adjustments to this car based on the above? Probably not. But I figure you should at least know them. I look forward to customizing this car once it becomes available on the site.

  6. Dear Lexus, I am a Lexus owner and fan since longtime. Here are my points:
    – the exterior design is beautiful.
    – the interior is not ok at all. even a Mazda 6 or a Camry have classier interiors.
    – the engine choices are not on pair with competitors. It needs two more engine choices. one more powerful one F.
    – No idea how it drives but what is very important in todays cars is to have a stable(no vibration), weighted(sporty heavy, excellent feedback, precise and at the same time refined in low speeds) steering wheel. it's very important that ifaster the driver drives, heavier and more confident the steering wheel gets.
    – sporty and nice engine and exhaust sound(LC 500 is a great example) is also a very important factor for a driver.
    – keep your legendary reliability.
    – If you build it with those caracteristics, then bring it to Europe please and it will be a much better car than german rivals and will create Lexus passion and reputation.
    Apply those caracteristics to all your cars and a beautiful exterior design (as this new IS or LC) and a beautiful and classy interior(design, materials and colors) and LEXUS's will be best cars among all competitors.

  7. Disappointed budget saving design, almost no change from previous gen, can’t called it as new gen at all it can only be defined as facelift, 90% interior design heritage from LEXUS RC, exterior twisted by light and wheel only. Even engine cover is the same lol

  8. We need new powertrains. It’s crazy the top model IS350 Fsport is slower than a Kia stinger GT……

  9. Today I blocked Lexus uae page on Instagram and the reason is they not respecting the opinion if we write something and they did not like it even if we are correct they delete the comment what a shame

  10. I think Lexus really underestimate this market segment. If you designed a solid new gen model im sure it will be sales success. All your passionate fans came from the IS

  11. If they had used this same design stretched it about 7-8 inches, put in a
    TTV6 with 435 HP , created an all new interior with ambient lighting
    and latest in infotainment and gave it a panoramic roof and optional 21
    inch rims! Wallahhh you would have a 2021 Lexus GS 350 Fsport. How hard
    would that have been? it could've sat on the new TNGA platform. Oh well
    another missed opportunity the outside looks amazing but the lackluster
    6 year old interior is a deal breaker for me. Acura TLX Type S here I

  12. Come on guys. This car looks like yesterday’s gen car and it hasn’t even been released yet. Oh and how about those engines. Seriously!!! You couldn’t have updated them. I’ll bet BMW’s base 4cyl would beat the top of the range Lexus V6 in this new car. Sad…very sad.

  13. Disappointment
    Should just discontinue this car if they don't want to spend money in the development. Instead giving us an old car with new sheet metals. What a sham.

  14. You couldn't spend an extra $1.50/car and give it a whole new dashboard, instead of this one from the 1970s?


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