2021 Lexus IS Accessory Options | Lexus

From all-weather trunk mats to carbon fiber rear spoiler, the new Lexus IS has a wide range of genuine accessories to choose from… .

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  1. Really kind of cheapens the whole car when you have to pay for small accessories. Like, isn't this supposed to be a LUXURY vehicle for the price you're paying? Like paying for upgraded suspension or seats i can understand, but you're going to try to upsell me a CARGO NET?

  2. All I see is illuminated Door sill , and trunk sill. Is there memory driver/ Passenger & steering telescoping ? Is their head lamp washers?

  3. Lexus trying very hard to not be boring by giving you the same old stuff. This is coming from a Lexus owner.

  4. That commercial was kind of confusing that woman was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Remove the woman and just show options please. Please give some details why I should get these options and how they improve the Lexus Experience.

  5. Lexus, may you please add power folding mirrors, and make the f sport 300 and the power telescoping steering available again


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