2021 Lexus IS: Whole Package | Lexus

Some have style, others style. But with every engine hits and heartbeats – the new Lexus 2021 IS ….

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  1. I came to this commercial just to say that who ever this young lady is they should cast her for The Lauryn Hill story.

  2. In 07 i bought a new is350, sold it 20 for a G70 3.3t, I love the is350 but its the same engine… as for a new is500? Its just a IS-F and that 7k rpm v8? Nope pass. If they added a twin turbo to the v6 then yeah i woulda bought another IS.

  3. It’s nice because the Dodge design is unique There aren't too many types of cars, so I hope to increase the car design a lot.

  4. Please offer the New Lexus IS350 with a 6 speed manual transmission. And of course an ISF with a 5.0L 2UR

  5. Lexus models are too short, let's start with sports cars and add a few more models with various designs.


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