2021 MANSORY Audi RS Q8 – Wild RSQ8 has arrived!

Audi RS Q8 P780 and MANSORY (2021) – Interior, Exterior and Drive Engine: V8, 4.0 L, 780 Ps, 1000 Nm More information about ….

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  1. Ein Traum aber ein Ersatzteil kostet 5 Mille das Auto zu kaufen ist kein Ding aber das zu finanzieren ist andere welt

  2. What a beast of a suv, seems much powerful for that dimensions and still comfortable with wide spaces and technological, how much it cost? oh whatever lol

  3. Audi con un motor infinito… una de los mejores motores sin duda alguna.. por cierto muy bello, es una pasada..

  4. Would love to get my vehicle upgraded by Mansory, with less of their badging. I don't want Mansory all over the place. When I buy a supercar I want to see the name of the manufacturer. I wonder if one can dictate where, and how much Mansory badging to put on your vehicle.

  5. the car is sooo awsome but what i didn't like is that mansory removed audi badge from the steering wheel and replace it with theirs


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