2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo With Fast Electric Vehicle

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  1. 17:32 If the trim of my car is called the "Supercharged Manual Offroader 4WD" but it's a front wheel drive naturally aspirated 2-Cylindar, then that's bad marketing.

  2. This video and presenter just goes to show that anyone can get their annoying face on TV these day. Unbelievable.

  3. Cool Video as always, Doug. Just a hint – at 3:10 when talking about the ‚regular’ Taycan in comparison to the Cross Turismo…that’s the Mission E Concept, not a Taycan…
    There are two things that give it away right away – the suicide rear doors and the profiled rear wing.

    And the reduction in cargo space does not come from a larger battery. It comes from the subwoofer of the Bose stereo system that comes standard with the Turbo and Turbo S and is optional for the lower specs. This one even has the Burmester 3D Sound System (can be seen at 8:32 and 12:09).
    All Cross Turismos come with the performance battery (aka larger battery) as standard.
    So even a base Cross Turismo will have the reduced cargo space if you opt for the sound system upgrade – it’s not a battery thing.

    Also, it’s cool to finally see a review of a Cross Turismo without the Off-Road Design Package (aka the little wings around the wheelarches) – nearly all of the promo cars have that option installed…

    Greetings from Germany

  4. Crossover is a generic definitionless term that describes nothing. If you extend the cabin of a sedan to the rear of the car so the trunk becomes part of the cabin and is now a cargo area, you have a station wagon. Sorry soccer moms who wish to be 25 forever, you're driving a wagon.

  5. Great review, but as always with car reviews: don't review the 160K+ version alone, but also the basic version with some options and see if it still ticks all the boxes including the price box!

  6. Can all the journalists & manufacturers STOP PRETENDING that EV car owners give a crap about how powerful & fast their car is….NO!! All they care about is RANGE RANGE RANGE !! & how they can hypermile the most efficiently.

  7. You can make the argument this is, by far, the greatest station wagon ever created
    Assuming you could actually define a "station wagon"

  8. I feel like making the ac settings on touch screen is a bit overkill, especially the direction of the ac vent

  9. It's a wonder that this car even made it to the US! German brands are usually very greedy about sending high performance station wagons to the US market!

  10. Love those station sportcars like the Ferarri FF, and now also the Koenigsegg…. Not a big fan of the Panamera. This Porshce looks awesome but not in this colour.


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