2022 Audi S8 Exclusive – Sound, Interior and Exterior

Audi S8 (2022): V8, 4.0 L, 571 Hp, 800 Nm 0-100 (km/h): 3.8 s Top Speed: 250 km/h Buy this car: … .

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  1. Любимый авто, нужно у немцев забрать завод ауди, всё равно у них ни металла нет, ни газа, чтобы такую красоту производить!

  2. Beautiful car, and again an amazing video of RoCars, but why no S8 badging on the steering wheel and door panels?? The whole S8 experience/feeling disappeared because of that lonely S badge. Like you are owning a S-line version. Very disappointing. Nowadays I see more car brands saving on their materials, like also the VW Golf 8 GTI. Cheap door panels, no metal ones with the red light like the 7,5 GTI has and a cheap engine cover without any logo’s. They are literally ruining it… You must create some special feeling by this type of cars. It’s not a basic model.

  3. This Audi killed it, not a big fan of Audi but if i had money to choose between the three germany monster i would definitely pick this. Way better exterior than Both Mercedes s class and BMW M7. Interior is fire too. Bmw 7 series is a piece of shit looks like a Hyundai*** this one is the most perfect between the threes, fucking perfect

  4. I am grateful to have an AUDI S8 EXLUSIVE, this is the only car and my first car, this car feels comfortable and soft..

    and in the end I realized it was just a dream, because I often hallucinate.

  5. Эй оллохим бизга хам насиб этгин шундай мошинларни олишди . субханалло алхамдилилло оллоху Акбар

  6. Always great videos but….why almost only black cars? It’s the worst “color” to show a beautiful car. It covers every detail.

  7. Great video and great design but when you get into maintenance and the problems with this new cars you will really appreciate the simplicity of old cars


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