2022 BMW M5 CS – Sound, Interior and Exterior in detail

BMW M5 CS 2022 – Exhaust Sound, Interior and Exterior Thanks to: Ramon Performance: ….

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  1. Так точно такой же выхлоп был в видео про обычный м5 competition

  2. It makes me so sad to know that I will never have a chance to either have or drive this piece of art. I've got a car which is 2015 Kia Ceed concept plus model, 1.6 lt diesel injection and 136 hp, manual transmission. I really love him too much, a beast on the autobahn. However for me, M5 is a machine from out of the Earth. Result of a precised engineering and design/art work! Regards as an engineer!

  3. the beast of beasts, the monster of monsters, like the way they retained the cs detail and didnt go overboard on the kit. minus hte modified exhaust system – a proper machine.


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