2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing: Five Things You Should Know About America’s M5 | Advanced Equipment

America has talent. In particular, the CT5-V Blackwing – Caddy’s BMW M5 and Mercedes-AMG E63 rivals – as well as its 6.2-liter capacity ….

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  1. Did you just say American interiors are inferior to cheap painted pleather in European trash cans like Mercedes and BMW? Lol…

  2. Taking an old top gear joke that the avg Cadillac buyers are dying off, this car will definitely breathe new life if they keep it up

  3. Can’t say I love the rear side profile, yet, it is miles ahead of any European saloon styling! This would look absolutely magnificent in all black abs in Germany! America is starting to flank the Europeans in the car industry, and they(domestically) cost 2/3! America always dominated militarily, and technology, and freedom, and food, and women! Now they are beating over engineered German and EU cars! What is happening?

  4. Only think you need to know is its the best 4door car on the market. We already knew it was better then the m5 or the entire bmw lineup since the e93 was the last cool and good looking car bmw made

  5. Finally Too Gear made an interesting video about an interesting car.
    Exept chris harris, most of the videos from top gear on Youtube are Boring!

  6. It all looks good power and torque are great but again not all wheel drive .It needs all wheel drive for all that power… to much power for only two wheels …Wake up Cadillac ..This is why your 0 to 60 and quarter mile times are not that good compared to your competition ..This car with that power should be around 3 seconds to 62 and quarter in low 11's..Nice but not good enough ..last generation until you switch to crap electric ( nobody will buy it without the growl ) and it is not done correctly at all in the performance department …E63s is way better ..sorry not good enough ….Go make your electric crap..!


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