2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Vs Ram TRX Vs Ford Raptor Baja Review: Which Truck Is Best At High Speed?

Today I do a high speed off-road comparison with the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2, 2022 Ram TRX, and 2022 Ford Raptor!

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  1. If you don't know the track, you cannot do a full send, so you cannot really compare. if trucks have different tires or different weight and power it's apples to oranges. People are attached to their car brands and it's usually the looks. so if I like TRX, I don't care about the other ones. Stop looking for excuses every few seconds: oh, bump, oh, I don't know the track. Learn the track and then drive like you should. All those trucks are awesome and they will do excellent in any situation, so until you properly race them, it doesn't matter.

  2. For the cost of these trucks you should not have to add a lift kit and bigger tires, another 3 or 4 thousand dollars.

  3. Y'all don't remember why GM and Chevy were sell outs during the Obama administration? Do your research you so called American patriots. Y'all are sell outs. Ford was the only American company that didn't take the easy way out. But now they're woke as well. Toyota is more American than any of these companies. Grow a pair you fanboys and have some integrity and stop supporting these woke and sell outs. Again, do your research.

  4. The rear springs for ZR2 and tires are so that it can keep its towing capabilities. Making it a resl truck.

  5. It does not matter which truck handles better if I even wanted to purchase one right now I could not unless I bought something used in abused in the next fact in one year you will not be able to buy any of them

  6. If you close one or two valves or two cylinders technologically to avoid high consumption of gasoline or diesel, you will damage the engine because the problem of high consumption is no longer related to the weight and mass of the vehicle, which will be a constant variation. not technologically modifiable, so the technology would help a bit in that case but also whenever you want to save fuel in the 2022 Chevrolet ZR2 I do not recommend that you do it, because you will end up forcing the V8 more than necessary, which in the end is not worth it grief. 2022 Ford F-150 has a V6 under the hood and it is the best pickup in world, I think that. Thank you. Dr. Luis Amador

  7. It seems like we’re hearing too many excuses for not driving all three trucks the same and at the same speeds during this comparison.

  8. the only real disappointment the Zr2, to me at least is the powertrain. A supercharged 6.2 with the aggressive sound of the TRX and it would be awesome.

  9. the only real disappointment the Zr2, to me at least is the powertrain. A supercharged 6.2 with the aggressive sound of the TRX and it would be awesome.

    As is the zr2 more competes with a Tremor f150 and a ram rebel. Its not in the same league as the TRX or Raptor.

  10. Defiantly want to be in 2wd for any high speed Offroad or whoops or jumping. 4×4 axles are prone to break under high speed suspension cycling.

  11. All three trucks are very nice … no loser here, besides Toyota (5th place in sales for the segment).

  12. From 2019 and up, Chevy pick up trucks look so embarrassing. They are so basic with no design. Why the hell do the headlights look like the design team just agreed with anything last minute. F150s and Rams look and feel so much better. Chevy should go under

  13. I just ordered a ZR2. What kind of lift should I be looking for? Think I want to use 37’s but I don’t want to lose the stock suspension system. Would it be a body lift?


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