2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Review and Off-Road Test

Ford unleashes the new Bronco Raptor. Is this the ultimate off-road SUV? We have a complete review and off-road test. #ford …

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  1. I wish people would stop bad mouthing the Jeep for on road manners mien drive nice and it's my first Wrangler

  2. When you buy something else that gets better mileage as soon as you lift it and put tires on it it gets the same mileage as that or even worse

  3. 2 years waiting for my Bronco order and still no Bronco but yet they are taking reservations for raptors, complete garbage Ford.

  4. 75,000 is bullshit. I guarantee you can’t touch this for way over 100,000 grand. Hell the Bronco wild tracks are almost 100,000. This Bronco is awesome though. But for the money. Buy a JEEP build the suspension and say good night.

  5. In a vehicle wonder why the Nav system doesn't allow for topo maps. This could be downloaded from from your smart phone for the area in question or via a connection through a USB connection. This seems like a logical thing for vehicles such as the Raptor.

  6. 240 miles to empty ? what is gas tank capacity ? can you get a bigger gas tank like the 36 gallon one for the f150?

  7. 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds is high performance? Your video doesn't highlight this Bronco's capability; it shows problems that would concern a serious off-road enthusiast. A twin turbocharged V-6 with 400+ horsepower may be great in the passing lane, but it won't perform well at 12,000 feet, where a naturally aspirated engine with sensible power and proper gearing and weight would. Just because this vehicle has Fox suspension and you can cram 37" tires under the wells doesn't mean you should. There's simply too much rolling mass to efficiently move.

  8. Over-stylized body. Over-built suspension. Unusable drivetrain power.
    This vehicle will be $100K after dealer markups, which makes it an unlikely choice for driving your favorite trail(s).
    MALL CRAWLING soccer moms will love showing this off after church on Sundays.


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