2022 Ford Maverick First Look | The Maverick Returns as a Hybrid Pickup! | Price, Engine, Interior

The Ford Maverick is back! Ford has revived the Maverick nameplate from the 1970s, but instead of the compact sedans and …

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  1. I drive a Ford hybrid and I'm really interested in it but wish they could have made a compact 2 door pickup like the original Ranger. I need a larger bed; a 5'7" sized bed or larger would be better for me. I'd retire my old Ram which gets 6-10 mpg but runs well and is fully paid for.

    Hey, Ford, how about a 2dr compact pickup hybrid with a club cab and a longer bed. Yeah, as much as these will sell, there be an even larger market for such an animal now. The old 2.3 Ranger with a manual trans is highly respected for its low running costs and long term reliability.

  2. Maverick is ford brand horse, not top gun definition. For instance, Mustang/Cobra, Bronco, and Maverick. He is not funny with youth

  3. Reminds me alot of the old sport trac. I owned a 02 sport trak. Was a great small truck. Verrrry dependable. Never broke down once in 311 thousand miles. True story.

  4. 40 mpg…OR!!!….4,000LB towing. Not both.
    Little misleading title there. Two different engines needed for both.

  5. Is Edmunds getting paid by Ford? So much sun fading plastic on trim. Has Edmunds test drove this model for 6 months? Is Ford any good with hybrid technology? Does Ford have a good reputation, like 1 million mile engines? Edmunds, you need better results.

  6. Pfft .. just got my hands on a 93 extended cab Ranger …. Only way I would get a maverick is if it comes with a manual
    .. and that's because the mpgs would be more than double of the V6 I have now ..

  7. How is it supposed to achieve 36mpg on the highway? Does the engine and electric motor run at the same time to achieve this? If so, what when the battery runs out? It doesn't seem likely that the engine could achieve this on its own without assistance from the battery.

  8. This is not a Maverick. Stupid… Call it anything else, F100 maybe, but why ruin another iconic Ford model name?

  9. I'm sorry, but this guy is not 5'8 or 5'9. He is more like 5'3 to 5'4. If you look at his forearm on the backseat console, you can see he has short forearms. Look at his legs compared to the wheels.

  10. Is it possible to REMOVE the under seat storage bin? Being able to fold the benchseat up with a nice, flat bottom makes the perfect place for our pooch to ride. That underseat storage takes his place!

  11. This fills a niche that I personally think needs filled; small, "cheap", AWD, decent carrying capacity, and has a bed. I'm a carpenter, and I already have a 1 ton pickup for lumber, dumps runs, snowplowing, and general grunt work. I'd like a smaller truck for estimates, better fuel economy, carrying minimal tools to a small job, and runs to the store that doesn't need a fullsize truck, which is 75% of the time, but still requires a bed to carry things. I also need AWD for snow in winter. My 1 ton also doesn't play well in parking lots. Looks like this is a decent option for me.


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