2022 Ford Maverick XL Hybrid: Test Drive Review

We test drive the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick XL base model Hybrid compact pickup truck starting at $19995 to see if it really lives …

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  1. I'm impressed. I'm going to buy one if the dealers don't jack up the price! Thank you for a great review

  2. Whoa, Wait, I haven't seen any reviewer/owner say it gets 40 mpg.
    Sorry I missed the Hybrid part.
    I hate the lack of a gear shifter, I could never ever get used to that.

  3. I keep hearing how truck owners won’t buy this truck. Well, I own a Dodge Ram 1500 that gets 14 mpg. I’m so over owning a truck with such bad mileage.

    I do construction. Lumberyards deliver and I can pass that small cost on.

    The Maverick will haul my tools, and a sheet of ply or ten as needed.

    I’m getting the hybrid for the mileage. It’ll save me thousands per year in gas.

  4. On all the vlogs of Maverick, I’ve not seen demonstrations of the telescoping tilt steering wheel. I’ve started an order for a ‘23, but with sight unseen.

  5. Forget about the truck for a minute… this is a VERY well done review! I love the insight and information from the host.

  6. Nice review. I have an XL, and get 47 to 52 mpg city and on flat highways, 42 mpg. The kids ride in the back and have no complaints about the A/C in Phoenix. I like the radio way better than the high end one in my Mustang GT Premium. Why?…it works and is easy to use. Sounds fine to me.

  7. great vid man thanks what are the differcens with the XLT can i still get a sliding rear window at the back on a XL?

  8. Appreciated you making the distinction beween the CVT and the ECVT. Most reviewers just call it a CVT including the Ford website…

  9. Would take more storage over a vent for the back and I do wish ford would give the sets an up date for anyone that doesn’t like to drive and or work out of a truck a set one thing you do value when your in one. Focus on the driver first but crew second

  10. @11:10 EXACTLY!! Subaru does that as well and was a reason we wouldn't buy the outback. Rear vents make a huge difference, especially with little kids. I've really considered the Maverick, but for that reason alone, I really might pass.

  11. Appreciate the review of the base model. It seems all the other Maverick reviews are on the higher-end trims.


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