2022 Ford Ranger 4×4 pick-up truck, from RM109K – AutoBuzz

The highly-awaited all-new Ford Ranger has finally made its way into Malaysia, with seven variants available on offer. What’s new …

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  1. Good car but concerning on issues on durability and part, better buy Navara or Dmax or Hilux instead of Ranger

  2. Start 2012 wildtrak cost RM 118k++
    Then fl 2015 wildttak cost RM 136+
    Another fl in 2018 wt cost RM 145K+
    and now in 2022 wtrak ..RM 168K++

  3. Love that they still maintain the knob type of volume and aircond button where most car nowadays more on touch button which really difficult to adjust when driving especially on offroad.
    Another thing best upgrade on this model is cup holder on both side. More space since I love drink on car! Middle slot can put phone on it.


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