2022 Ford Ranger Reveal

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  1. I currently own 2020 Lariat FX4 crew cab in the United States. Definitely like my truck, Ford came close in the lariat line, a few things That could've added with the lariat trim level, is automatic passenger window, cooling seats, other than that I'm fairly happy with the interior. as far as the FX package goes they could've included electric locking front differential, disconnecting sway bars. made all the lights LED instead of a few incandescent different places. So if you're looking for someone in the US to test one if your new rangers let me know I'll be more than happy to accommodate. I'm Glazers doing more with the range seems like everything here at least has been a big push for the bronco, as well as it should be and I'll be glad to see when I have a big push for the new Ranger maybe just maybe I'd buy another one. Or just keep the one I got, should be good for long time.


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