2022 Lexus Product Showcase | Lexus

Watch as Chief Branding Officer and President, Lexus International Koji Sato, Senior Vice President, Automotive Operations, … .

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  1. Dear Lexus your ls is an amazing car just change the front stance to a more commanding one. The current one is too sporty.

  2. I have a neighbor who has a Lexus. They come in at 2:30 am and HOONKKKK LOCK their car. Wakes the whole neighborhood up.
    Why Lexus? Can you lower it to a quiet chirp so people can sleep and have peace?
    Noise and lack of sleep ruin lives for business people, Moms, kids who need their rest.

  3. While most of the comments are about Lexus and their vehicles, mine will be about the presentation/Showcase itself. If Lexus' tagline is 'Experience Amazing', that presentation was a bit off the mark. The main speaker, who I assume is Jack Hollis, would have performed better reading from a teleprompter. Know before hand how to pronounce words like 'panoramic'. And be 100% prepared to delivery your speech, with an appropriate and confident energy level, instead of sounding like you might have read the script once or twice before the show. Lexus vehicles ARE amazing. That presentation was not.

  4. This is chinese powered lexus rz. Lexus doesn't care about reliability anymore. Well they don't have any ev tech on their own so obviously decided to bring chinese tech into this for a fast development. Low quality Lexus ever built.

  5. Hello LEXUS! I have very many goods ideas for TOYOTA and LEXUS. If you have interest ,you can write to me direct on youtube, here.

  6. marketing president really saying the new generation are diverse and creative…I just want lexus to continue using and possibly create a even more bullet proof V8…

  7. We want to get the new 2023 RX but still a bit hesitant bc no v6 anymore (currently driving 2017 RX hybrid) I know the i4 is more efficient and powerful but no I4 can be as smooth as a V6. Any ideas?

  8. Front grill look like a beluga white whale. Please Lexus fix the front grill. RX on my list but when I see that grill it break my heart.

  9. I hope Lexus surprises us with this 500h F Sport performance Hybrid. Because the Germans have gone to the next level. But Lexus and Toyota still have the monopoly on quality hands down!

  10. As much as I love Lexus brand and own Lexus but for some reason I don't like the front end of the new RX, maybe I'll get used to


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