2022 Mercedes BRABUS S – Brutal Luxury Ship in detail

Mercedes Brabus S B50-500 – Sound, Interior and Exterior Special thanks to PremiumFelgi: ….

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  1. Господи аж слюни потекли, умеет он конечно снимать, вот эти медленные плавные проходы и атмосферные инструменталы – шедеврально.

    Единственное только серый цвет салона не очень по мне.

  2. The music: Green & Black! Them lenses, fx– mirrors / sound directives. Hej – he hits, the pedal.
    Fraud braeke lites! The power used, would, blow it — clean out. The kaars– fictures.

  3. That twister — is a, Camera lense — that senses thermals. It shows– it on– the ceilin! Aviation green / red – shapes. Hence; the radio frqs. It lowers dwn, when, turned off(of– German vs. off – nasty Dutches). Just ABV, the tire tread.

  4. the car is absolutely stunning! love the interior, the LED colors, the black exterior, the body kit but i was expecting a more powerful output from the engine, going as it's a Brabus
    but besides that the car is spectacular!

  5. I Kam up, with BRABUS — from ancient dialects, thaat mach. sweet director audio. Di'Snd' – Director of, index sound — islander dialect.

  6. Paul Hetherington
    1 minute ago (edited)
    aa, I design – ceiling like thaat – on YouTube, as BITURBO – Semi turbo, overrulsz turbo – skips easy.
    Uses deg F, and show — params etches / prints – for gear raats(ratio). Nice distance – vector maps – collects.

  7. Sound is halt natürlich beschissen. Hört sich an wie'n kaputter Fiesta. Kein Vergleich mehr.


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