2022 Mercedes C Class – Sound, Interior, Exterior and Features

Mercedes C 220 d (2022) – Interior, Exterior, Drive and Features More information about new C-Class: … .

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  1. Unfortunately non of these options including night package and burmester and these seats are still available:(

  2. Interior and exterior are stunning! But I would never buy a diesel especially here in America.

  3. تصوير رائع و فيديوهات مبتكرة ومختلفة عن الآخرين… ☝️☝️☝️

  4. We are just waiting of how Mercedes is going to make the exterior of the c 2022 classe coupe and how the c63s 2022 will look like… because the exterior of the c 2022 class sedan is awfull

  5. LOL! U make 7,8 and 400 nm sound like it is something. Welcome to Audi. My Audi A4 TDI do 0-100 at 5.0 and have 600 nm 😉

  6. Mercedes makes the most awful sounding diesel cars. I have a w205 250d and it sounds like a tractor.

  7. I know as far as we know of now Mercedes isn’t planning an making a Coupe version of the new C-Class but I think they really should rethink that


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