2023 Chevy Corvette C8 Z06: Here’s the Complete Journey of this Beast!

LOOK AT THE VEHICLES AND BIDES! https://carsandbids.com 2023 C8 Corvette Z06 trip! The new 2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 is ….

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  1. The exhaust tip shape is to make it so the exhaust note is reflected into the interior. The car was too quiet on the inside, so they redirect sound with exhaust tip shape.

    High performance Corvettes have had factory 335 tires for 12 years. It's a popular aftermarket upgrade to go even wider. 345 being "wide" for a Corvette is an odd talking point.

  2. In yellow and the angle in the thumbnail it looks great . I love the C8 for what it is but a car that in real life on the road the ones I have seen don't look as good as photographs that capture good angles . It's not bad just not as great as some pictures . I think It is some of the sharper boxy lines . It's like a combo of Lambo sharp lines mixed with more round type Ferrari ish lines ?

  3. People who complained about this new Z06 not being advance enough in comparison with C8 Stingray, are complaining just to complain. 1st world problem as to say!
    For last couple of Corvette generations, all Z06 was… A wider body, upgraded wheels, brakes and suspension, bigger more powerful engine and maybe few more interior upgrade options.
    So someone who complains this was not done on C8 is not a car nor a Corvette enthusiast. Not only the the body was widened by 3.6", but the quarter panels were noticeably raised above the rear wheel area when the bigger more volumized inlet ducts were engineered. Several options are available for wheels. Couple of aero package options to choose from. Different availability of brake options. Unlimited interior trims and colors. And the main highlight of the Z06, is the ENGINE. Listen to that Z06 specific high rev redline engine!!! What more do you want for under 100K price tag??!!!

  4. a 4 door sedan electric car will own this car all day on track/dragstrip/city driving- i dont see value or a point to this car at all, other then parking an expensive paperweight for show. Thier is zero bragging rights to this car, since the 4 door sedan owns this junk all day on any of the 3 aformentioned road types ??

    Hey i boulght this expensive track car and i paid 10s of thousands extra for the carbon fiber upgrades and everything i went all in, oh by the way a stock car off the lot thats electric whoops my tail on the track and strip every time i try. they even got their kids in the back going shopping afterwards playing on the back seat entertainment system while parked and waiting. My kids stuck outside smelling fumes of drag cars all day. thier is no room for them so have to bring a 2nd car along lol.

  5. I like the details of his videos but is his manner of talking the most annoying in the world? I cannot stand it

  6. Corvettes look nice, but take the badge off and you wouldn't know it's a corvette. Thing I admire about mustangs it that they retain the mustang look

  7. LOL Flat plane crank = issues with harmonics. Will wait for this to turn out to be junk. Wonder how many liters of oil this thing will drink a mile.

  8. How much do you think this exactly build would cost? That thing is gorgeous. I’m thinking like 150k after all packages

  9. This car is ugly it looks like haloween pumpkin face in front tsk tsk. I have no idea what they were thinking on the side vents. Back end is ok though

  10. Doug the type of dude who gets the newest game system in the neighborhood. Invites you over then doesn't pass the controller.

  11. Wow I love this new one but my favorite is definitely this one from Victor Racing i saw at the Sema Show, its fire!

  12. WOW it looks amazing! I upgraded mine just a couple of days ago with Victor Racing parts, i think the wing would fit this one perfectly!

  13. The 2023 Corvette is already here and we’re not even in 2022 yet. These people need to slow the fuck down.


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