2023 Ford Bronco Raptor Full Review: Bronco on Steroids

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  1. I think Ford could have done a better job over all on the Bronco . The engine bay looks thrown together, too many hoses and loose equipment flying around. And the raptor bronco fender flairs are comical at best . But I have to thank Ford , without the Bronco Jeep would not have made the 392 wrangler!

  2. different engine than F150 Raptor, but pretty much same thing as Explorer ST & Lincoln Aviator 3.0L turbo that makes 400HP. There is even talk from Ford Performance to give Explorer a tune to get up to 420HP soon.

  3. To customize an older jeep your going to spend tens of thousands of dollars to bring it up to the same specifications of the Bronco. So the price is not outrageous. I agree it really needs a review camera in the rear view mirror. Plus front end camera would be very nice especially if the camera van be recorded.

  4. What’s this Bronco doing in Palm Springs?
    Now I can see why the design has been a little “fairy” of late.

  5. Doug, I believe the Bronco does have additional camera capabilities but it has to be in drive and in the correct GOAT mode


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