2023 Ford Bronco Raptor: What to Expect?

It’s not here yet, but we’re excited to talk about the upcoming 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor. This is what we think you can expect to …

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  1. Dealerships that keep marking up these vehicles are going to end up hurting the automotive industry because vehicles are becoming unobtainable for the average person

  2. The old "kickback" cash grab scheme…create hype by listing low MSRP…let dealers markup $6-10k as a loyalty reward…Ford comes out looking like the hero….╭∩╮ᵔᴥᵔ╭∩╮

  3. One, I don’t think the 3.5 is going in. It will be the 3.0 found in the explorer and it should have the hybrid setup but it won’t. This is the only set up that exceeds the 392.
    Also, I’ve paid less than MSRP for my Raptor and it just depends on which dealer you go to.
    Good video.

  4. Well if they want to compete with the 392 the horsepower needs to be 470 just to match the 392 and the torque has to be 470 just to match the 392. I am assuming they want to exceed those numbers.

  5. Holy cow that comparison picture better not be with a Sasquatch pack “regular” Bronco. That Raptor is yuuuge!


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