2023 Ford Ranger Review (incl. V6): *LITERALLY* EVERYTHING You NEED to KNOW!

THE BIGGEST CAR OF THE YEAR HAS LAUNCHED! Ford has invited me to take a look at the All-New 2023 Ford Ranger that …

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  1. This truck is head an shoulders above any other midsized truck out there ..current Gen or this upcoming Gen Ranger. Then you have a Ranger Raptor. In America Ford Is #1 truck builder for a reason.

  2. The Amarok Toureg engine performance is unfortunately oodles better. The new Amarok will falter…again….what were they thinking?? The Amarok is 1.5 seconds faster…that's immense and terribly disappointing.

  3. Hmmmmmm…why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle…?????!!!????!!!!????…and why is this man giving the Bi-Turbo the 2 finger shocker move…?????…something is very wrong with this video…..

  4. This is probably gonna be a “rest of the world only because screw the US market” car like always.

  5. I’m waiting for the petrol engine in the sport and wildtrack at minimum. NOT everyone wants diesel.
    And NOT everyone wants to be the fastest when off-road. Reliability and ability to get the job done are better more important qualities than ‘race-off-the-start-line’.

  6. I million klm to test reliability hahaah The Wildtrack V6 will be 4×4 of the year 2023 MattBrandCars

  7. What's the lights on top of the dashboard? Is that across all models, or just Wildtrak? Can you explain more ?

  8. Currently have 21.75 XLT. Do you have a video on a comparison between neq Wildtrak and for instance, XLT/XLS? All videos seem to feature the new Wildtrak, but nothing I've seen to compare the model range. You touched on a couple points, such as the dash storage/cup holders etc, but is there a lengthy video on the differences through our, inside and outside?

  9. Just subscribed. Great review, fun, easy to watch and nfoolow, loved the format of the good/bad points. Without all the sellers spiel. I liked it. Subscribed and want to see more reviews of the next gen Ranger range, especially the new Raptor. I liked the information supplied, such as the badges etc. Alot things not seen on other reviews. Well done.

  10. Hi does the v6 ranger that you tried have the optional extras? And do you know if there's a brochure available for the extras that I could see ? Thanks!


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