2023 FORD RANGER ! V6 Diesel first drive off-road impressions.

2023 Ford Ranger ! I was invited down to Melbourne by Ford AUSTRALIA for the Next Gen Ranger launch. I spent two days …

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  1. Hey Ty, really appreciated the video. Have seen a few other reviews but yours covers stuff that is way more meaningful for 4WD type users and those looking to tow. Am looking to get a Wildtrak soon so will catch up with you in Newy.

  2. Quick question can you put a lift kit in this vehicle that will accommodate 35" tiers with out mortgaging the house or is it still going to be limited to 2" and 33s

  3. Hey Ty, I noticed you had passengers in the car off road, I'm really interested to know how your passengers felt off road especially the rear passenger?

    Being a driver we have the wheel and everything around us that ground us but passengers only have the grab handles.

    I noticed the bloke in the back was sitting centre, so no grab handles , did you get feedback?


  4. 50mm wider. 50mm longer wheel base, how is the LOA. Compared to the PX3?
    No bonnet struts, back to using a stick?

  5. The lack of towing mirrors is a big issue that no manufacturers ever address with the vehicles we use for towing. With all the new tech in the mirrors, it will be a pain to source after-market mirrors with the same functionality.

  6. When the fuel prices are doubling why not put this beauty out on the market??? Shame the UK is getting the watered down version.

  7. It’s only a Ford ranger plenty other it’s out there that are just as good if not better amazing what the advertising dollar can do as I said it’s only a Ford Fix Often Repair Daily

  8. Great review! But am I the only person who thinks the V6 engine just looks a hot mess under the hood? It's looks like a random pile of tubes and bits just shoved in there.

  9. With the emphasis on better towing and associated features, I have not heard any mention of caravan reverse camera integration…..any info on this??

  10. bro I had to thumb down the video not because of the content but due to the fucking awful background music, DO A BETTER JOB next time on music choice or better yet no background music.

  11. Thanks for the review Ty. Will ARB be offering a 2" lift? I only see BP51s listed on there website. Any suggestions for essential modifications for 4×4 and touring?

  12. Awesome review. Loved it. Filled in a lot of holes especially with the offroad focus. I had a test drive a couple of days ago. Only 15min and onroad but this is an incredible truck. I cannot wait for the GVM increase and duel battery mods to be released so the full ARB range will be available. Definitely will be looking to place order. Ford really have thought about this truck and its features. Lets hope the reliability improves also.

  13. Nice review Ty. There's just one thing I feel that may be problematic. That roller shutter at the rear, how tuff is it?. I can envisage problems with it bending when someone puts a load on it like a couple of swags or something and going over pot-holes/corrugations as this adds a dynamic load to it. I don't know, I may be wrong, I haven't seen it in the flesh, can a load be put on it and how much?.

  14. You mentioned rated recovery points, but did not say the actual rating. Likewise, the rated tie rails on top of the tub, what are they rated to? At what speed does the diff lock disengage, because I noticed you driving at 32 km/h with the lock on? Not required at that speed! The aux switches are well and good, but where do you connect in to them? Under the bonnett? For low range work, what gears can you manually select for moving off? I mean, if I select low 3rd, does it allow me to move off and hold that gear? You are right in saying you need more time in the seat, because there are just so many unanswered questions………

  15. Hi mate.
    Thanks for vid.
    I’ve ordered a Wildtrak V6 with premium pack…..prepared to wait. ⏰
    With the 50mm wider track do you know how that’s created because i believe the wheel offset is still 55p but keen to know if Methods like you had on your Raptor (and I had on mine) will fit with 35p offset so bigger runner can still be kept to minimal/no poke.

  16. Wow…an 18 minutes review and the vehicle is perfect! Really?? Nothing wrong with it? No improvements needed? No suggestions? Ford will be inviting you back, no worries.


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