2023 Ford Raptor R: The New V8 Raptor R Was Perfect Until I Discovered This…

Today I go over the 2023 Ford Raptor R and compare it to the regular 2022 Gen 3 Ford Raptor and Ram TRX! Thanks for taking …

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  1. you can get a TRX below msrp, and you can sell a TRX for more than msrp, seems to be a conflict in that statement.

  2. The Raptor-R came along at the wrong time; Ford and car makers are moving towards the EV market now so I don't think they're going to build a bunch of these. This was a response to the TRX, and I don't think they intended to inundate the market with supercharged V8 gas guzzling Raptor-R's now.

  3. Great review and you are so spot on about the production. Ford will only be hurting themselves by limiting the builds.

  4. Not going to lie love knowing not a lot of people own a ford raptor gen 3 so once in a while when I see one (rare) it’s a lot nicer!
    Unlike Trx I can’t tell the difference between a ram 1500 or a trx unless I see the big logo on the rear

  5. Right on! Thank you for speaking up about Ford. It’s just bs that’s they don’t build as much Raptor as the Ram TRX and the freaking mark up if the dealers have any. It’s absolutely insane! I will never pay over msrp! Hell no Ford!

  6. Ordered a 22 raptor at MSRP ON Dec 2nd, read all the horror stories about Ford production on the raptor forum, ordered a TRX a few days before the Dec 2021 price increase (MSRP $85,350 level 1 with a few other options paid $77,530) got it in 35 days. My Raptor build week is set for Aug 26 so maybe an early September delivery lol

    The raptors aren't selling over sticker because they blow the TRX out of the water…it's because ford 's allocation and production is all jacked up.

    Like a few have already said in the comments. Ram is the winner of the Raptor R release. A base TRX at $78k is the bargain. You want a v8 raptor $110k (yes I know the raptor is pretty much loaded) . I remember motor trend predicted the raptor R would cost about the same as a TRX and start around $72 lmao I have a picture of the article on my phone. All the ford fan boys who begged ford for a v8 finally have one BUT only a few will be able to and or willing to shell out that much money for it. Some will stick with the 3.5 other who really want an 8 will hit TRX

  7. Id pay more for a Ford than a Dodge…. and im not alone on that mindset. Has nothing to do with anything else.

  8. Dropped a like just based off your first statement. Some Ram dealers are selling the TRX for 10k off MSRP. So you can get a loaded trx for $84000 leaving you $25000 for gas. Compared to the 109k raptor R

  9. I'm a Ford fan boy boy and it's NO WAY in HELL I would pay $110k for Raptor R even if I had the funds. Hell, i wouldn't even pay $90k for the Gen3 Raptor. I have a Gen2 Raptor and will drive it until the wheels fall off.

  10. Completely agree with your position. I swore I would never pay over MSRP after my Gen 2 (+$7500). Instead of a Gen 3, I bought a TRX at MSRP. I haven’t regretted my decision for a minute.

  11. I love my 22 Raptor 37, absolutely love it! But, when you’re talking about the high horse power of the RaptorR vs TRX, you are spot on. Later down the road when I decide to trade in my Raptor, I’ll probably go to the TRX based solely on the price point and dealerships experience trying to get my Raptor37. 100% agree with you on that point!!

  12. I agree 100%, I have a gen 3 on 37's the raptor r is not worth 110k. They need to make that truck more available because what was the point of making it? To beat the trx, and believe me or not people need a raptor r to do that!

  13. Haha. Do your research. Ford over the years have best dodge in sales for the challenger. In 2021 dodge got ahead a little but ford came right back in 2022

  14. What a bunch of whining entitled Liberals. Dumb enough to buy something so frivolous, but insist you are entitled to ‘fair’ prices. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!


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