2023 Ford Raptor R VS Ram TRX: How Does The New Ford Raptor R Stack Up Against The Ram TRX?

Today I compare the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R to the 2022 Ram 1500 TRX! No copyright infringement was intended by the use of …

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  1. A v8 in the raptor or trx is dumb. I don’t know about the intention of the trx, but the raptor is an entry level Baja truck. The suspension can barely handle 450hp and current weight of the lighter weight raptor. If you see video of the v8 raptor, the suspension did not do well when it went over a series of whoops. That’s what you get when you go on desert runs. Sometimes 20, 30 mins of one whoop after another.

  2. Honestly TRX on paper is faster , cheaper

    Ford raptor r v8 with hefty price and hefty mark up’s and limited production

  3. It’s funny though when you can’t differentiate a TRX from the regular rebel lol there’s really nothing sitting them apart unless you hear the supercharger

  4. Ben, my dude. I love your videos but I have to ask where did you get the information of the Raptor R being limited production? I can’t find it anywhere.

  5. raptor had a 6.2L like 10 years ago, is dodge even capable of their own ideas?? ford did it first and they still do it better.

  6. Worth mentioning, the TRX has the 19 speaker stereo option, and it sounds way better than what they put in the raptor. Ford should be shaking in their boots!

  7. What you said is fake venting on the TRX, is actually called a heat exchanger, it helps transfer engine heat out of the engine bay, the gen 1 raptors had similar ones also.

  8. I'm probably biased as I own a 2020 Raptor as my daily driver, and I live in Europe with horrendous petrol prices, but I really like the 3.5 V6. If I drive sensibly the Raptor uses marginally more fuel than my old Arctic Trucks Land Cruiser (12 l/100km vs 11 for the Arctic Truck), while being MUCH faster. Can't say I ever feel I'm lacking for power in the Raptor 🙂 Pretty much all that's missing is the V8 sound. I think Ford would be better off doing a 4.0 turbo V8, maybe 500hp, instead of chasing after the rediculous 700hp TRX.

  9. Great comparison video. Can you please make another comparison video between the 2021 Silverado and the 2027 Tundra?

  10. lol limited availability and more than the TRX, hard nope. Get a level 2 TRX w/ beadlocks for less than 100k……

  11. R will sell out in a couple of days or less….rich people make room in your garages…..haha…..

  12. The Ford raptor is the alpha dinosaur of the two
    When people ask you what kind of a truck you have and you say you have a Ford Raptor
    People go " WOW "
    I had a Dodge ram truck many moons ago and it was a piece of junk
    No doubt the Ford raptor has its problems, but it's still the King of trucks
    Either way I'm still waiting for the Nissan Titan Warrior to come out to give these bad boys a competition, ER RA
    🙂 ♤♡◇♧

  13. As cool as they are fuel economy must improve. These are just a money pit at the pump for the every day man.

  14. As a gen 3 owner I must say the power in the TTV6 isn't even that usable driving. I don't think I need 700 plus hp. All it will do is give me 8mpg even driving slow….


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