2023 Range Rover Full Review: $250,000 Ultra-Luxury SUV

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  1. YA YA its all good but i have yet to see the one item i want from a car….the auto robot hand that gets the french fry you dropped between the seats so it doesnt just rot there and turn into a brick to be found years later

  2. As a tech who works on these it's NOT that much different recent models……it's also actually worth about 80k. The stretched all options one worth 100k max

  3. I give it 6 months before it’s back at the dealer for electrical problems or some cheap broken piece of plastic somewhere.

  4. Nothing special about this car . It's does bot look comfortable to sit in there back seats for 250k . No way

  5. Some consumer’s are so gullible. They say, lets add this little gimmicky feature and charge a couple more grands. Lmao

  6. Aston Martin. I hope you're watching. This is how you do an SUV infotainment system. Learn something.

  7. This tailgate speakers etc. are not for the businessmen. I think it should be mounted in car dedicated for Youngsters.


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