‘21 Ford Raptor – Dealership direct to the dirt – Honest Review

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  1. Happy New Year Trent! Thanks to you, I now have the dream of flying. It's been in my family.. but had never occurred to me too much..
    you're fly in camping and fishing has really got me excited and I look forward to flying with you and other cool people in the near future.
    As far as the Raptor I've been loving them too for awhile.. I just was watching a video about a Raptir, and I walked away, and came back and your video was on! I was all excited, I haven't seen any of your videos in awhile. Life's been good and busy. But this was a real treat, so glad you did this video, thank you.
    happy Holidays,
    happy New Year.
    Keep up the great work

  2. The HO 3.5 is the reason I switched from GM trucks to Ford. I’ve had 2 gen2 Raptors. W/ a $600 tune they’re animals, yeah TRX is more powerful but weighs 750lbs more & cant run in 2wd. W/ just a handheld 93 octane tune from Gearhead my truck put down 408whp/503 TQ!!!! That’s like 540/670 @ crank! Apparently they tweaked something either w/ slightly larger turbos, a/f ratio, or more aggressive factory tune- but STOCK factory tuned Gen3s (rated same as Gen2) are putting down 360-385whp (similar to stock gen2) BUT making over 500rwtq!!!!!!! That’s insane!!! I have seen multiple dyno sheets where stock Gen3s are putting down more TQ to the wheels than they’re rated @ the crank!! Only running 91 octane. Impressive. Also consider- the forged rotating assembly (crank/rods/cams) in the HO 3.5 is unique to only the Raptor…..and the Ford GT. So you know this engine can handle the extra twist. Enjoyed the vid man!!! Only thing I’m lusting after on the Gen3 my 2020 doesn’t have is that coil over rear & the 37” package!!

  3. Imagine if he binned it the first time out on dirt. Given Ford's slightly-dingy reliability over the last couple decades, probably wouldn't be the worst way out…

  4. Why did Ford have to use the v6 is sounds absolutely terrible and that sound does not belong in a truck

  5. Ok wow. Seeing what you do in my backyard of Nevada I couldn't wait to see you do a vehicle review. Savagegeese is my favorite for those videos and seeing your production was awesome.

  6. Trent, I'll have to be honest here because I really like your channel. I'm not a fan of the non-airplane related stuff you've been putting up lately. If I want to learn about Ford trucks I can find a hundred sites. If I want to learn about travel trailers, a hundred more. I watch your channel for your expertise and enjoyment of flying bush planes and every minute spent watching you discuss things that have no relation to STOL, back country flying, aeronautics in general, etc., are moments wasted in my day.

    Please stick to the things that have made you an important part of the online community – flying, fixing, travelling, etc., in STOL aircraft.

    Said in the friendliest and most encouraging voice… You have a great channel – don't dilute it with unrelated content.

  7. pretty irresponsible of you to be bombing fire roads – many people use those roads on their UTV's etc including kids

  8. Great video ! I own and drive a 2016 Ford F150 and I honestly love the Raptors performance and it's capabilities .

  9. Nice , your own private airline. Come on man who wouldn't want a raptor Trent! Congratulations I've driven one only on road because it wasn't mine ,however, if I had the means I'd have one.

  10. Here is the real question. How many miles did your old truck have on it? Anything under 200k is unacceptable.


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