A Sad Day for Ford Owners

I Have to Tell You The Truth About New Ford Mustangs, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Ford Mustang review.

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  1. Our Freedom is at Stake: https://youtu.be/unTi5Rk31Uk

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  2. I hope the Mustang owner doesn't have to cut holes in the driver-side floor and do Fred Flintstone stops. If a dealer can't figure it out, what chance do we have?

  3. General rule people. Dont go to the dealership if its not under warranty. People like Scotty or myself actually take the time to find the issue and correctly repair it. We dont guess or throw parts at it.

  4. 600 bucks at dealer . I priced a motorcraft master at Rock auto 99 bucks,. Plus some brake fluid. Dealer gets say 6 HOURS to replace a master. Assuming 70 an hour labor rate . google says average is 57 an hour at ford dealers, . They must have really slow techs. When I worked at chevy dealer i would have loved to get 6 hours pay for maybe 2 hours tops to do a master . Most likely less time. We had a power bleeder so bleeding went fast. Heck at home I could do it in 2 hour using my vacuum bleeder kit.

  5. We don’t need computer for brake just power brake that’s all no more problem just look like Tesla update after update they must listen us the owner first

  6. I hate that Ford quit making the
    Mustang GT’s look better than the regular Mustangs. That would be like if Dodge offered the wide body with the hood scoop on the V6.

  7. Dealerships and some repair shops are now charging $ 250.00, for what is called
    a "Diagnostic test", even if you know why you are taking your car in.

  8. I enjoyed the same Mustang for cylinder Turbo accept it was convertible rental car.. Pretty much had it up to a 100 on the way to the airport but the thing was scary because of the mismatched performance tires rear I kept feeling like rear tires were flat or something was wrong it was just incompatible tire Combo.. I almost bought the similar car R but frankly I really did not care for the console and gearshift arrangement that just seems so funky..

  9. Are the eco boost cars just got economy because a lot of the cars now a day are eco boost and does it take away from engine performance in anyway

  10. Our 2016 F150 if currently in the Ford dealership undergoing a complete ms/booster that had the same issue right before the ms started dumping into the booster. It was under recall. Check the recall sheets from Ford.

  11. i had a similar problem turns out the brake petal has piece of plastic that pushes the brake in and if it gets heated up it would sink that plastic piece does same thing with the clutches and can cause 3rd manual lockout its that piece of plastic called Master Cylinder Rod if your having issues check those petals

  12. If you tied Scotty's hands behind his back, he would probably stutter without talking with his hands. I still love you Scotty.

  13. Ford "dealers" are not good and burry the brand into the fire each day.
    If they had a certified workshop like dodge or anyone else they'd get these easy problems solved.

  14. Scotty, Scotty, you got to change the master cylinder. I've worked on cars professionally since 1960 and master cylinders are always going out. You don't take a chance whether it's a little leak or big leak. You replace the master cylinder with the new OEM. You can't take the liability to tell the customer to drive it's not too bad.

  15. Fords are crap! Check the recall record. Check the engine issues with new 6 cylinder Bronco. Check reliability and quality rating for Lincoln (a glorified Ford). Crap, crap, crap!

  16. 2012 Ford Edge – I replaced the brake booster with a chain store rebuild before checking the recall I missed or was never told about.
    It is a safety concern when the booster completely fails.


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