A Used Aston Martin Rapide Is a $60,000 Ultra-Luxury Bargain

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  1. Will never forget the first time I saw one in the wild. Gstaad, CH; 2017 NYE. “Parked” (nosed-in, a meter deep, with engine running) in a snowdrift in front of The Palace hotel’s entry, windows down, in the midst of heavy snowfall… it was easy to determine which bar patron was responsible… should have taken it off his hands, in retrospect.

    Leaving after two rounds of beverages, it was in the same spot, still running. The only difference being the four inches of snow accumulated in the driver seat…

  2. Doug… Jag X150 has similar ambiguous control for heated/cooled seats, but on the touchscreen. Similar quirk.

  3. My dad has an F150 it has heated seats no cold seats this car has heated and cold seats in the back

  4. I have a 4 door 4 seat car with a large centre console that runs front to back now the problem is that I have two small children that require child seats with isofix and when fitted neither of them are able to do up their seatbelts because there is no room for their hands so I have to remove large amounts of skin to keep them safe

  5. This Astons one of my favorites It's really smooth and cool with a touch of competitive sportiness; a very beautiful stylish car. I have a friend who owns one and it rides very smoothly almost like your floating. It's an absolutely excellent piece of European excelence ( Comment from Jerome )

  6. I’m going to be honest with you, Doug, not like you’re going to see this anyway. The horsepower figures are pathetic for the price and marque of this vehicle. A 2002 BMW E65 760li had 440 BHP, also from a V12, and it was significantly cheaper than this Rapide. You’d think for the price Aston was asking, this could have at LEAST had like 550 horsepower.

  7. Aston Martin design language doesn't translate well here. I know this segment is not new to the brand but the product doesn't feel serious, just a blind money grab.

    If this sold well upon release, I would be surprised.

  8. i live in china ,and theres a rapide always parking down in the parking lot ,truth to be told, me and my friends all think it looks like a stretched ford mondeo

  9. Some Aston Martins are low in price because they cost $10k a year in maintenance. Theres a reason you can buy European luxury cars for 1/5th or even 1/10th of what they sold for new. You pay for it later. My friend bought an AMG for 10 grand but it immediately needed 11 grand worth of repairs and counting.


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