Advanced Equipment: Series 25 Trailer

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid will be back for your shows soon. Check out the new Top Gear trailer! .

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  1. Just finished watching the series on BBC America, where was the Bentley segment, and Chris being pushed through a wall?

  2. Could someone please explain what happened to the Rolls Royce film they showed clips from? Did I miss it in the show or something?

  3. I hate all this complaining we should be happy we got 2 great car shows to watch now. GT just ended and now this starts! Couldn't be anymore thrilled.

  4. Give these guys a chance guys. This isn’t Chris Evans running the show anymore, and it really is enjoyable. Yes it’s not the old Top Gear, but it is still a great and entertaining show.

  5. This show is just EPIC! I can't believe it works so WELL without the original crew! Please BBC, keep on filming these, you are doing really a great work! Cheers

  6. Last year's series was far better than the previous with Cringe Ginge McShoutyface. Hopefully that'll continue with this one.

  7. Never will be like the old top gear or the grand tour they just don’t have the chemistry they should of gave up wen Jeremy was fired

  8. Top Gear
    8pm, BBC Two
    No longer the liberal-baiting front line in the nation’s culture wars – now simply a programme about cars presented by Joey from Friends – a new series of Top Gear feels like a non-event in 2018. For what it’s worth, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid begin their latest run with a road trip across the wild west. Phil Harrison

  9. Looking forward to the new series. Seems to be improving all the time. It was getting to be ‘same old, same old’ under C, H and M, much as I’m a fan. I think they’d run out of ideas, as TGT from what I’ve seen proves. Some want the same recycled gags and stunts, so that’s fine. I’m just giving these 3 a fair chance. The last series was good. Harris is a god, so that’s a big help and LeBlanc and Reid are good too, even if some jokes are s bit cringe-worthy at times. This looks good. Best of luck guys. There will always be the doubters it seems. Don’t be afraid to ‘shake things up s little’.

  10. I think it's a bit too inoffensive now. They should make Harris the lead presenter because he knows the most about cars – then they can make it a proper car show.

  11. Canny wait man! looks brilliant – the only thing I like about Amazon is free delivery over £20.

  12. This trio is brilliant. Good honest reviews, great vehicles of all sorts, and generally entertaining in various ways throughout…sounds like a winner to me.


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