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Three Top Gear teams trying to make Alfas 1,000 pounds look good come out unscathed as they prepare for the competition ….

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  1. As an Italian, I can say one thing, my father is a true “alfista” since the 60’s, Alfa Junior, GTV, Giulietta, Alfetta, 33 sw, 164.
    I’ve always been on his cara since I was a baby.. the engine of a 2.0 v6 busso modified will deeply remains in my soul.
    Everything they saying about problems is also true. I remember on garda lake’s highway in summer running at 200km/h in the 164 and the rearview mirror felt down because the glue that was keeping it up just did’n’t kept it. imagine this was a 65 millions Italians Lira at this moment.. probably comparable to a 45k € today. Anyway my friends still loves my father because when we were young they wanted to come in my father’s car because the émotions were strongers than they’re parents pussies Mercedes cdi

  2. My first car was an alfa 156 with the lovely twin spark engine. Such a soulfull engine and such a lovely car to both drive and look at. Would not trade it for anything!

  3. well 2010 still remember like yesterday also believe it ore not I've known youtube and been using it since before then if I'm not mistaken 2006 the year it was established I think same year I was first introduced to top gear too

  4. The melted fairies pragmatically saw because wall especially store qua a giddy country. volatile, cool doll

  5. To be fair putting one of those old alphas up against lambo’s, caterhams and 911 gt3’s is a really dumb race, of course they’re going to get overtaken.

  6. Owned an Alfa GTV6 for a week in 1991, took it on a long drive for the weekend and then exchanged it for a ‘74 BMW 2002 Tii. Never regretted it.

  7. Man lowkey it was so cool to see the (based on me growing up) first hot hatch , the Ford focus rs, in the best original color!

  8. My Alfa Spider caught fire, locked a bearing, and threw out its U-joints, all while being only six years old with 50k miles!!

  9. Remember: here,, the 75 transaxle,and the duetto front motor and gear ,was made by alfaromeo,Portello Milan ,then Arese Near Milan…….the next models like front traction coupé here, was mare by Fiat in Turin. Now ,alfaromeo, is only a name ,own by Fiat,fca, Stellantis……………the scrapbuilders Fiat,have alla destroyed……

  10. I'd like to have run this with my '92 Olds Cutlass Ciera 3.3L with a minor suspension mod and bigger tires. Would have outlasted the three of them, at least.

  11. Growing up watching topgear I had to get an Alfa for my first car. And I love my Giulia. Much more reliable than the ones in this program. Only alfa owners know.


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