All-new BMW 1 Series and M135i 2020 revealed – has BMW ruined its baby?

It’s the one you hatchback fans have been waiting for – the all-new BMW 1 Series! With the likes of the A-Class in its sights, BMW … .

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  1. What have BMW done!! I hate the big grilles and the dash looks plain am really going to miss the previous model, i think BMW have lost a customer!!

  2. I hated it on video when first seeing it but I actually quite like it in person when my friend brought over his test car he had for a few hours. What else you going to buy… the a class amg line is clunky as hell and interior looks flashing but poor build. Not a fan of the Audi either but yet to see that in person. Might end up with a 1 series that I originally thought was gross!

  3. heartless business decisions. Now lets see if this will take off amongst western teenagers and the emerging middle class buyers in developing countries as BMW would hope… honestly though, when you have so many cheap and sporty asian hatchbacks nowadays, what space is left for BMW to compete?


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