All-New Ford Mondeo

Introducing the all-new Mondeo. Smart, spacious and a great way to drive, with a luxury interior and clever technology. Find out …

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  1. It's sad that got the news of stop manufacturing this car called as "fusion" in United States, I'm pretty sure the European Ford will make this effort as well. It's a pity that there is not any information of six generation of Mondeo.
    I owned a mark3 2.0 Ghia and now still driving a 2016 titanium with2.0 ecoboost.

  2. Please, never stop making the 5 door version of the Mondeo, it's the biggest appealing it has! 😀

  3. less is more advertising is not my cup of tea… did anybody get to see the rear of the car? I prefer moving car shots. cars move… its what they do.
    Excuse the Ferrari Jacket…Im a Ford fan… but I won it. will swap it for a Ford one 🙂


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