ALL-NEW Mercedes-AMG SL 63 revealed… What YOU need to know!

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  1. Mercedes are making some beautiful cars now. Some of the best rear three quarter angles around. But their grills are hideous. Not aggressive as Mat says, just ugly and grumpy. Where do Mercedes, Peugeot, BMW get their focus groups?

  2. 4WD on that type of car is a waste, the after-warranty value will be nil. That oversize iPad, OMG. The rest is decent.

  3. It looks like the Camry Solara. Also like a modern BMW. Thankfully, classic Mercedes will be available forever.

  4. At least Mercedes have moved away from trying to rehash the perfect & elegant design of the original R230….. the horrendous tweaks & facelifts based on the R230 from 2011’ish onwards right up until this new model…. It’s a brave new move away from the last 10 years of utter sh1te SL design ….. but touchscreen ?? Why ??

    Mercedes have a massive problem though… They’ve totally moved the SL’s away from elegance …. This new design is bold, but they need to get the SL’s away from this generic aggressive front end that every other high performance car has !

  5. I ordered one it’s gonna take a few months to have it delivered ! Just enough time for my buyers remorse to sit in on me at $110,000 plus sales tax I just went a little while at the dealership adding extras but really I got an inheritance From my grandfather . That’s a good thing about being an only child you don’t have to share these inheritances with anybody !

  6. Ngā maharatanga whakamīharo ka tohatohahia e koe. Mauruuru koe mo to mōhiotanga e te rangatira!

  7. I'm a HUGE Mb fan, but let's get real, folks. This will NOT contend with the 911. This is a touring car, positioned well against the Aston Martin Vantage. The SL is a lovely car and it will sell, but it can't come within a mile of the 911 in terms of raw performance. Not a chance.

  8. Since VW bought the company that made the hard top convertible modules, it seems every car, except Ferrari, that was offering a hard top convertible in the past, went with the soft top route.

    The SL became irrelevant sandwiched between the GT and the S-class coupe, but this new version seems to bring something different.

  9. That is Fantastic the SL is back for the first time years as a “ I want it more than a Porsche “

  10. Imagine making an SL without a hardtop… They've let the A class designer of 2016 have full control over all mercedes design…. EVERY MERCEDES NOW LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME, you drive passed C classes mistaking them for E class and you'll be confusing them with new S classes soon.. Mercedes used to have their cars like brothers and sisters.. You can tell they are from the same family but are unique enough that you wouldn't confuse their names… Whereas now Mercedes are like having Twins. Anyway this SL lost imo the second it didnt have a hardtop

  11. Mercedes innovation alive and well. No battery. What a car. If that ping pong table in the center stack retracted into the dash somehow this would be the most perfect car of all time. As it stands it the most perfect car money can buy right now. Stunning. If you buy a run of the mill 911 cabriolet over this you need your head examined.

  12. Shite…. I've owned a SL63 and a SLK320. It's the hardtop roof that was the pull on these cars…. Also wtf have they done to the design… Looks like a 911….. I think this could well be a mistake….


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