All-new VW Polo SUV – the T-Roc Revealed | Top 10s

The new VW T-Roc is a Polo-sized SUV that offers a cheaper, funkier looking alternative to the Audi Q2. It’ll be available with … .

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  1. Description is rather wrong, t-roc is based on the Golf not Polo. Just like the Q2 is based on the A3. The SUV version of Polo is going to be named T-Cross I believe.

  2. I Like the Car. I think it is a nice addition to the line. Though if I was to consider buying one, I cant decide whether the 1.0 which is really affordable or whether to step it up to 1.5 which pushed my budget. Is the 1.5 SE really noticeable vs the 1.0 SE?

  3. Very competitively priced at €44, 750 for the "Sport" 2.0 TDi model here in Portugal! Come on VW, lets not forget this is a POLO!

  4. maybe sharing a platform with audi q2,but that does not necessarily mean that he is polo in a suv version,he is a golf in a suv version, and polo in a suv version will be sold in 2018 in autumn under the name t cross.

  5. Audi Q2 in VW badging or viceversa. VW should differenciate design for Audi from VW. They are all starting to look the same in past few years

  6. I currently have a Juke Tekna auto but on seeing the T-Roc I have to say that I would be tempted to 'stray' from the Nissan camp and venture towards VW.

  7. Kids need to walk and bike to bike. Why is there so much obesity? Do you really need an SUV if you have to leave them off, anyway? Anyway, I wish VW would release some smaller cars with better economy and simplicity in the USA. Everything has gone upscale. People's Car.


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