Alpine A110 2019 in-depth review – better than a Porsche Cayman or Audi TT RS?

This is the Alpine A110! It’s a new two-seater sports car, and it’s the first Alpine car to be produced since 1995! But a lot can … .

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  1. Why do journalists exagerate the fact that there is no big trunk in a SPORT car ?. It's not a Lorry but a Sport car !!. You want to travel with your cupboard, your bed, and 100" LCD TV ?!?
    You need to leave this planet man. Some things aren't undersood. Get another job.

  2. it does definitely have some minor problems here and there, but considering most people who buy this have other cars just makes it a great week end car for driving and pure fun, not worrying about the luggage space and also some sportiness, but not any abuse in it

  3. Neat. Would be a major head turner if someone found a way to import and drive it legally in the US.

  4. I would buy this on the Cayman because the Porsche became boring, everyone has it, you see it everywhere, this one… I've seen like 1 A110 alpine in 5 years of its release (on the road) and it was amazing

  5. Totally incorrect and tantamount to slander to say the storage for this car is no better than that of a motorbike. You will get a small suitcase in the front boot, and the rear boot has storage within the rear wing areas, which you didn't acknowledge. Am sure if you wrench the centre console in a Cayman it'll also move

  6. Nice car, but the interior's material quality looks cheap. Always been an issue with Renault, amazing mechanics but cheap material.

  7. Alpine = Al-peen. (it's french remember that, the accent)
    It's like calling a Chiron a Chirône.
    Not a Veyrône… a veyron. Veh-ronh

  8. The 1 French car I wish we got in the states….as long as there is a stick shift version and with a proper hand brake.

  9. Such a shame it doesn't have apple CarPlay. If it would have that, I would consider it in a few years.

  10. Sorry if that’s as expensive as a TT RS then they can keep it I’ll just have one of those Ahahaha


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