Aston Martin Valkyrie Engine 1,000bhp V12 | Advanced Equipment

Listen to the Aston Martin Valkyrie 1000bhp V12 engine as Jack Rix of Top Gear Magazine discusses you around. Subscribe to ….

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  1. There was that strange "thud" sound from below my computer table,,,, i swear i can feel the rather substantial 100 KG table jump ever so slightly.
    Force feeding motors are for loosers, and i will keep saying that until i die.

  2. I saw this video few years ago, but today someone published an article about mercedes project one tests at Nurburgring stating the engine sound was great. What???? This is THE ENGINE, not that little turbo with exhaust that farts.

  3. I love the way car manufacturers have embraced the v12 as a way of honouring the art of building the best ICE. Reminds me of what luxury watch makers did to honour the mechanical movement.

  4. Soooo, why not boost it? If it makes 1000hp NA, put two snails on it and get it up to 1500hp. Why stop?

  5. THAT is what a supercar is about. I think there will always be a place for ICE cars when it comes to supercars and sportscars. Nothing beats the sound and interaction of a fire-spitting engine. Battery supercars are just soul-less and nowhere near as involved.


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