Audi A3 v BMW 1 Series v VW Golf v Mercedes A-Class: which is best?

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  1. They're four incredible hatchbacks, but if you could only have ONE, which would it be?! Let us know below!

  2. I went for the Golf eTSI in the end but in estate guise. I've seen 73mpg on my daily commute and can easily hit 65mpg without trying. I'm not a fan of the gearbox though as it seems to take a second to react when you floor it – but then again I did come from a BMW i3 so maybe I just forgot what an auto box feels like.

  3. i got a3 and get disaponted from mmi and b&o system. very bad sound omg they charge 950+taxes for b&o and the sound is very bad. if you ask what i will get now ill go for bmw.

  4. i really hate the front grill of audi
    it’s way too big and the worst thing is every audi looks exactly the same from the front.
    so damn ugly

  5. For interior i'd choose mercedes a class for driving experience i'd choose and golf are same audi is much better than golf..girls usually get golf because easy to park..small car

  6. 2 cars that don't deserve their brand names, a Golf and an more expensive Golf……………………….

  7. Thank you Matt; I’m going for a test drive in an A-Class and was considering an A3, but now that I’ve seen you review, I don’t I’ll bother with the Audi.

  8. it is not only about how much the starting cost is,but how much the extras go,the services,and all the other stuff.If you put 2 things on an A3 you pay 5000 more.You forgot to put the real value for money in this video…the Seat Leon

  9. I’m surprised the New seat Leon wasn’t included in this video. I think All round the seat would beat those other Germans in terms of practicality and looks

  10. Would you be able to do a comparison between the 2022 Audi A3 40 TFSI Quattro vs 2022 Mercedes-Benz A250 4Matic? Thanks!

  11. I drove the A class for couple of months. Did not think is was great. The car is to low, parking in a spot that has those concrete stops will damage the front. The seats are not comfortable, while the seating position is nice tho. Interior space is very bad. With a car this size you should fit 4 adults without the driver needing to move his seat forwards. Worst part for me is visability. I think its a combination of the thick a pillar and the position of the seat. Some roads I drive have those small chicanes where the car thinks you will hit something. The first time I almost pooped my pants, as its very sudden hard braking. I drove a Golf before and it was much better imo.

  12. Volkswagen is cheap trash when entering the highway its feels like your going 300kmh because its so trash at 100kmh that it feels like its about to break down

  13. Very good and natural delivery from the presenter. Thanks so much for this informative video. Audi A3 all the way for me, though the others are great cars too.


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