Audi A4 Saloon 2018 review | Matt Watson Reviews

Here is the link to the group test video: The Audi A4 is a compact executive … .

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  1. MAT is a BMW guy. so since i ve noticed it, i ve understood his impression about the other brands especially MERCEDES

  2. I have a 2017 a4 tdi Quattro. It’s started to consume oil, mileage at 38k at the moment. Anyone else have this problem?

  3. I like this design, both interior and exterior. It makes the car look a lot smaller than it is. Also, they have buttons for everyday stuff instead of silly screens as in the model after that.

    Defo want want.

  4. @carwow you mentioned about being comfortable unless you get the sports suspension. Is it that bad with the sports suspension, that firm?

    I am looking to purchase one that has the sports suspension and I am really wondering if it is comfortable or you feel everything on the road annoyingly..

  5. The exterior blandness was actually a selling point for me. A really nice car to sit in and drive without drawing lots of attention to itself. Nothing worse than a jumped up 116d driven by a tool who thinks they're playing xbox.

  6. Im a USA 2013 Audi A3 TDI owner getting 50 mpg in Florida!!! Audi has been a head of its class but also caught diesel cheating.

  7. Please anyone help ….buying a 2018 a4 premium. It has 14k miles and they want $19,000. Should i buy?

  8. This guy takes blindness into a whole new level, i mean how come you see those 3 cars any similar unless you expect audi to replace their grills with two kidneys or something…

  9. I have owned the c class 2016 and 3 series 2014 now have the a4 2018 it’s a 190 tdi s line I have add it mapped to 232bhp extremely quick for a car in it’s class and perfect on fuel hitting 50+ mpg cheap tax and over all a very safe and reliable car best one out the 3 Germans imo

  10. Posted in first half of 2016, and car is 2018. You're the first car reviewer to review cars from future!! :)))


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