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The inclusion of the first four seats: the sleek design is not enough to elevate this class. Cars like Audi A5, BMW 4 Series, Lexus ….

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  1. Glad i went with a 440i GC. the 4 doors is a plus and the bigger boot opening as well. The BMW does have 2 cupholders in the back though

  2. Hello everyone, I am planning to purchase A5, 1.8 l of 2014 models, the cost is coming in range of 22k, is it worth buying, what all I MUST verify before cracking th deal

  3. Audi definitely looks way better. Simple and confident look. Dynamic and sharp styling. Interior great as always.

  4. Just picked up a white Lexus rc300h f sport it's not the fastest but it's gets so many admiring looks I'm 6'3" and fit fine in the back and I haven't seen another in the last two weeks I don't regret my choice

  5. if you think the bmw was the best then ur a man and not a nerd and u also have good taste .

    like if u agree

  6. Do a updated version of this? Mercedes C-Class Coupe vs BMW 4 Series vs Audi A5 Coupe vs Lexus RC vs Infiniti Q60?

  7. Drove lexus for 10 years. Last lexus was a 2013 gs 350 fsport (very fun), currently have a 2018 c43 coupe right now but I ordered a 2021 s5 Audi. Dont think the Audi has as much in your face speed but the tech is way better than mercedes.

  8. I bought it for sports characteristic so BMW is the best lol and 4 adults + boot size. i go work from Birmingham to Coventry £50 6 days work easy.

  9. The mercedes looks flashy on the inside but it's a bunch of plastic and the bmw has the best system and material

  10. I love A5 coupe, i have a 2010 A5, but the design of the new one…dissapointed! i have to admit that Lexus is the most beautiful!

  11. Even as a long term BMW owner, I would choose the A5. The 4 series has a really disappointing cabin. The C coupe looks nice but Mercedes did a much better job with the E and S class coupe which, especially with the E looks so much better than the C. As for the Lexus, yes superb reliability but just too bland. I really like the shape and cabin of the A5. Yes they could have tweaked the front if the car to differentiate it more from the A4, but the same could be said if the 4 series.

  12. All these german cars look so overdone, so overengineered, so much on steroids….yack…Lexus is a car for me:)

  13. Mercedes = cheap plastics mobile
    Audi = premium mobile
    BMW = power mobile
    Lexus = yeah… shouldn’t exist

  14. Are we talking about buying or leasing? If you lease, u lease the germans. If you buy, u buy the lexus.


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