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The Audi A8 faces tough competition in the luxury saloon class from the likes of the popular Mercedes S-Class and technological ….

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  1. The A8 has impressive features but I think the 8-line of Audis are consistently the most unattractive in terms of design and aesthetics. Money certainly doesn't buy good taste when it comes to the A8.

  2. YT should categorize all auto reviews into the 'I Have an Opinion Channel' – outdated, cubby holes, infotainment. Do your own homework before purchasing a vehicle

  3. I own the A8L 2008 3.0 TDI. It's a livingroom on weels, it's a dream. Im going to buy a newer model, A8 2014 3.0 TDI. I drop the L because truut me, it's too looong and it gets hard to park it sometimes. Overall, I prefer it against the S class because of the extra options, dashboard and technology.

  4. To compare this car with the S-class and 7-series is not really fair. Those cars you are driven in, this car you drive!
    I have driven those cars and it's like floating on a cloud, very comfortable, but not very fun. Here Audi have made a luxury sedan sporty. That's why firmer air suspension and 4×4. Made to drive!

  5. The 2015 A8L is still the best Audi. The new A8 looks like a dead fish and this is still perfect.

  6. Much have changed in 4 years yes? In here you are very happy about the design: but at 0:40 in this 2016 film of THE SAME CAR you think its all rubbish. Its the same car! I know other cars have been updated but you cant say something goes from great design to confusing! It can be better but not the other way around.


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