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Can the Audi e-tron test you in Tesla? Jack Rix of Top Gear Magazine brings you to your knowledge. .

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  1. This car is horribly inefficient though. It has a huge 95kwh battery and can barely do 250miles. There’s cars with 60kwh that can do that.

    I really wanted to like this car, but I’m hoping they can improve efficiency somehow.

  2. This was nothing that I wanted to know. I want to know range, space, price, and availability. audi as usual u suck and only appeal to low IQ rich dudes.

  3. The camera mirrors are not legal in the U.S. and the standard mirrors changes their Drag Coefficient back to "not best in class".

  4. 0.28 Drag coefficient is NOT best in class. The Model X is 0.24. It's a nice car, but it's not a revolution in any shape or form.

  5. So how do you come up saying the E-Tron has "Best In Class" aerodynamic drag at 0.28 whilst the Tesla Model X is 0.24? It's actually the SMALLER number that is better when considering aerodynamics. Or perhaps you meant best in class compared to the Mercedes EQC which merely states an aero figure of probably less than 0.30. Of course we all know that German vehicles are in a class unto themselves, at least in their own minds!

  6. Cv 0.28 for an electric is terrible. Model X has a Cv of 0.24 this too obvious Top Gear, audi is going down anyways

  7. I saw the car in real it’s between an Audi A6 station wagon (estate) how you want to call it and an Audi Q5. Looks a lot like a Audi A6 all road!! And it’s got less space then the Tesla Model X where most people compare it with!! And I mean with less space much smaller. But it’s an beautiful car to see and the interior is very beautiful. But really don’t compare it with an Tesla MX or MS. Only thing common is that they are all EV’s. And the specs are really not that I expected. Price in the Netherlands starts around 85k with some options like the camera mirrors and some more extras over 100k sure!!

    Oh before I forget it the camera mirrors aren’t just for the looks and aerodynamics. Cameras are superior to mirrors because you don’t have a blind spot anymore. Mercedes already made some camera mirrors for their new Actros trucks. Very safe without the huge blind spots that trucks have with old school mirrors. And the plus fact for trucks it’s that they get more aerodynamic what results in less costs to be made for fuel. Very important for logistic company’s.

  8. Side cameras not seen on any road legal cars? You're Top Gear. You should know that Lexus Japan already launched the 2018 ES with side cameras.

  9. Yea they all going electric now by 2030 in Europe they wont be able to sale gasoline cars anymore. Electricity is future and we need to get use to silence.

  10. I saw paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. So that means the electric motors are connected to some sort of a gear arrangement?

  11. It should sell in big numbers unless it comes out priced way high.
    Oh and btw. that Cw number. Good, but not amazing as getting a low number is much easier when one doesn't have to feed lots of air to a combustion engine. Also why should low drag be more important for an electric car? Drag is drag and it sucks top speed and costs energy regardless of ones propulsion method.

  12. I've been a promoter for Audi e-Tron in Norway, in one day at Audi dealership.
    Guess what, already thousands of people in Norway already booked for this car before it's released in Norway.

  13. Considering the problems Audi has had in the past for reliability (Yes, I know they have gotten better) I can't help but wonder with these high tech gizmos, whether there are going to be all kinds of issues sending the E Tron into the shop for repairs.Relying on a camera to keep you informed on what is going on behind you and and electronic dash monitoring important functions seems like asking for glitches and headaches especially as the car ages. Don't get me wrong, I think technological innovations are awesome, but to what end, if your car spends more time in the garage of the dealer, rather than in your own garage.

  14. It does not have the lowest drag coefficient in its class. The Tesla Model X is its direct competitor and has a drag coefficient of 0.24.

  15. Camera side-mirrors are cool in concept, but are they really that practical in an electric car? How much energy does it take persistently keep the mirror-screen powered? Are the aerodynamic improvements really worth it? How much will it cost to replace once the component eventually breaks down?

  16. Here's an idea, how bout these car manufacturers make some electric vehicles that the average person can afford?

    I recently brought a new van for work, went looking for an electric or a hybrid, and they are practically non existent.
    But hey if you want a coal fired diesel one no worries, every single manufacturer has one. seems people are still more interested in saving a buck rather than have air to breathe


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