Audi e-tron SUV EV Review: 0-60mph acceleration, ride, handling, user guide & range | Advanced Equipment

This E-tron 55 quattro Launch Edition is a major Audi competition for EV competitors such as the Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-PACE and ….

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  1. 1:56 i use a silly cell phone port to charge my car……does no one at top gear realize these are soccer insert parent here and grocery getters only?

  2. No, best case scenario is you plug it in at night on your drive which takes 10 seconds, come back in the morning and it is fully charged

  3. Top gear made it, i love the new hosts, the new chilled out format. No use trying to replicate the "Old Top Gear". And btw, i prefer this rather than TGT on Amazon, it's way more pure about reviewing cars

  4. Very informative Review! Electric cars are the Future. Particularly Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles. But, I am going to miss the Sound of inline 5, V6, and V8 engines. South Africa doesn't quite have in Infrastructure yet, which is a bit bitter sweet, really.

  5. I hope they make the content that everyone wants (including me) the content that makes silly and funny challenges and a content that everyone will sure watch it, which is the good old top gear that everyone wants it back especially this year

  6. They should absolutely make an RS hypercar and give it some absurdly large active aero spoiler as an homage to the VW id r

  7. I searched top gear after like 3 years and I come back to a maths class and not 3 grown men doing dumb stuff

  8. It takes money to make money, if your not determined to take risks you won't make money, although my friend try stopping me, when I made a chance to make millions of dollars from coins and it was of no regrets since I started investing.

  9. Where are those 3 legends why are they not here?
    I'm watching Top Gear after many years but now it's just sh!t


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