Audi R8 v Chevy Corvette v Porsche 911: DRAG RACE

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  1. I can't wait to see the C8 Z06, Chevy with this Corvette is making statement to the world and the more performance trim should be quite interesting.

  2. You cannot discount the vette, best bang for buck and the base model kicks ass especially when u think about how much room it has to grow

  3. Would really love to see these on a dyno. Wish you had access to one, or were able to make videos of that.

  4. Lets bare in mind the corvette won't push its best time yet being new, after 5000 miles or something it will do a faster launch when broke in.

  5. The advertised power of the Corvette is at the crank not at the wheels, they have a similar power-to-weight ratio that's why the Porsche caught up.

  6. Europe wins again. Base 911 and the Corvette with 100 horsepower more can't get away from it. Is it more expensive? Yes, because one is a Chevrolet with rubbish quality build and cheap materials and the other is a Porsche….

  7. Historically, the P has always been a little better than the vette. But since the c8, this margin is razor thin and the extra cost is not warranted, imo. Given the same $, the vette wins.

  8. These guys testing the cars at 500000 ft elevation doesn’t help the vette at all. It would have walked that Porsche at sea level

  9. I'm gonna say the reason for the surprise results is that the 911 has a better transmission, is the most aerodynamic of the three, and probably has a conservative engine power rating. It's some combination of the three.

  10. remember owning a Audi R8 V8 solder I loved it it was amazing so fun (no soft limiter btw) these new Audi R8's are good but highly recommend staying away from AWD. RWD for me is the most enjoyable and better car.

  11. The side profile of the cars while they race with all the equipment on they look like RC cars with body pins

  12. When will the fan boys ever understand that the Corvette isn't a budget supercar killer but and expensive sportscar?

  13. Corvette would go bankrupt immediately on the European market. Just think how much tax is paid on a 6.2 l engine.

  14. Who TF races starting at 50 mph? Some drunk nimrod on the street one day says “ hey, let’s start racing from 50 mph!”

  15. 11.8 for the c8? You are sandbagging it badly. There are numerous videos of a c8 going head to head with a gt3rs.

    Smells like fraud.

  16. Sorry gents…I’ve been looking at several 911s and Corvettes racing, and the Vette is a whole second faster on the 1/4 mile and 0-60. Mat can’t drive…lol!


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