Audi RS e-tron GT v Tesla Model S: 571-miles Scotland-to-London RACE & REVIEW!

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  1. Only thing wrong with that etron is space, and range.
    I so wish they make a proper Sedan version of this car. Don't like the "business-like" look of the a6 etron.

  2. Please compare them again in five years and show of which one was the most reliable and have the most battery life left. I also wonder what a battery cost for these vehicles if it ever needs to be replaced.

  3. I agree with him on the Audi on which it looks the best besides the Audi R8 which the Audi R8 is actually my favourite car

  4. The only thing I disagree with you on is the 15mins difference if you was in a diesel, it’s a lot more, the only reason I know this is I did it last year with some friends, we got to our destination over a hour quicker and that was over 400 miles, we literally stopped to have a quick wee, splash of fuel and off, in the services no longer then 5 mins,

  5. Audi – it's sexy as fuck, better quality build, performance is similar. Tesla is boring nerd's car. E-tron GT all the way!

  6. Interesting when we go from Switzerland to Spain with my model 3 and my friends etron GT he allways arrive 1h later .. I think that’s what we call a not scripted experience


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