Audi RS3 v Quattro Rally Car: DRAG RACE

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  1. I can't imagine how quick the PDK version with race setup power output, it will probably break under 10 or even 9 seconds

  2. OK the challange Matt has got to be for you to do a Group B drag race, the S1 E2 against a Lancia S4, T16 Evo2 and RS200 all in their final Group B specs.

  3. Cars are becoming boring! Every other car you see on the road and on YouTube now is either an RS3 or an M140i. Boooooooring! So tired of these cars, because it's usually the same type of idiot driving them.

    As for these videos.. 2-3 cars drive in a straight line and see which one is the fastest. Yaaaaaay! Sooooo exciting.

  4. Very satisfying to see the quattro win. In all other aspects these drag races are utterly useless. A modern consumer car against an old fully prepped rally car. Oh well, which one would I want to drive on a daily basis. Let's see safety, comfort, interior design, Uh…..

  5. I know there was more to it, but one is a rally car from a class that was banned as they were deemed too fast and dangerous, and the other is a car you can walk into any Audi showroom and buy, and them being that close is ridiculous, I think that's a win for both cars to be fair.

  6. What is going on with de s1? it needs round about 3 Seconds from 0-100 k/mh. 1 Second faster than the S3. Wich nerd drives that car?

  7. Yes Quattro is legendary rally weapon I was amazed that street legal, 4 door RS3 could keep up so well. 100hp less, allmost half a ton more weight. How is that even possible. 😮

  8. stupid comparison, the old audi is just as fast on gravel as on asphalt. Do the test on gravel, you can set the new audi plastic box on fire.

  9. and if maybe you think to try against a real delta s4 Gr B from italy or drag version better you find a fighter F16 first.

  10. Fun Fact to the Group B S1, that beast from the 80s makes the 0-100 Km H under 3 seconds

    On gravel…

  11. Remember kids: S1 WASN'T made for paved runway drag strip, but for Finland woods, Sweden ice and Kenyian desert heats. Those drivers had… well mostly balls, but even girls had them too.

  12. Group-Bs were monsters. Still faster than a modern top-end compact sport-sedan, and with little to no of nowadays' technologies, not even an automatic(/automated) gearbox. And still, they can go head-to-head with cars being in current production.

  13. Never in the history of car evolution through the years has been build a car that sounds so beautiful like that inline 5 group B Audi S1

  14. The 80's Quattro is probably the most popular Audi in history. It's a myth, a legend such as Mercedes 300SL, BMW 2002 turbo…

  15. Ηe make very slow changes with quattro from 2nd to 3rd……this is the reason that even with turbolag with 3rd gear make such a reference.


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