Audi RS5 vs Porsche 911: Drag RACE * very close *

They are the two most important cars that can be bought for money, but that run on a mile-long race – the Audi RS5 ….

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  1. Add MTM Stage 1 upgrade for a few grand and they're likely equal, and the Audi is still much less money. I own the RS5 coupe, which is a head turner for sure, but it's still not a Porsche, which sets the standard for overall performance. Lots of people buy Porsches for the name, period. Impressing the neighbors because you're a Porsche owner is what the extra 30k is for.

  2. RS5 Coupe and not RS5 SB vs Porsche 911 Carter’s make more sense isn’t it? Never mind great Audi RS5 and just put smile on your face.

  3. So, what is the point of these pissing competitions?
    You want folk doing this at traffic lights? Eh?

  4. It’s a shame that 911’s are getting heavier and heavier…even just 15 years ago they were hovering around just 3000 lbs, now they’re over 3500

  5. rolling start says it all. As predicted the porsche has a decent lead. The first quarter mile the audi jumped the start

  6. Awd was the difference. It resulted in a faster launch but also more power terrain loss.

    Also wind resistance comes into play

  7. I own a 2019 S5 and it’s such a fun car. Has everything that you need in a daily driving car + some more and it’s no slouch when you want to have a little fun while making all the right noises. So RS5 with that extra 90hp and torque must be magnificent.
    However I do want a Porsche one day, preferably GT3RS.

  8. take some, not all, of that 30 grand – pipe and tune that RS. Itll beat the 911 and you'll have money left over some cocaine and hookers. At least in a straight line.

  9. The new porsches while great look so ugly they’re hideous. A 2017/2018 Porsche 911 loos so much sexier. These new tail lights and rear end is so goddamn ugly they ruined the look smh.

  10. Only in your dream the weight difference is only @100kg. If you just look at both cars size, then accept even porsche use better and lighter materials.. you'll think about @200kg difference. I would say porsche 1550kg, then rs5 something like 1800kg (that panoramic sunroof is not considered when they claim that "1700kg" weight).
    Then another difference in high speed acceleration is about transmission, as the porsche become RWD disconecting front axle completely, but rs5 remaining awd all the time (and i and others would prefer to do so, even if that affect hi-speed acceleration)

  11. Well, based on acceleration numbers only, the RS5 is the logical choice.
    You get the Porsche because it is a "Porsche"

  12. I'd say aerodynamics at high speed plays big role, look how low and roundy Porsche is…

  13. The 30G is also for brand reputation, the looks and depreciation factors. Porsche is so much more superior in terms of brand quality and value holding. You not losing a lot even at resale after couple of years. Different story with the Audi. Don’t get me wrong I’ve driven both of these car they r excellent but porsche is so much better at handling at that low central gravity


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