Audi RSQ8 v Dacia Duster: UP-HILL DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD!

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  1. I would not…even if I had the cash….put that much cash on the road.

    But then…for me… a lottery win means I'll buy an island off Shetland…and paint Go Phuc You'sel on the grass.

    I'd buy the Duster…to get my shit and the guns to the ferry.

  2. Again, stupid comparison… first, when climbing the first hill, the Duster started form a more inclined position than the Audi and when descending,was absolutely clear that no brake was used…while the Audi had that descend controll activated …come on

  3. Is not luck idiot duster is a very good car comparison with the low price. Is better than range rover, audi. In this days the money make difference. Which is the point to spend 100k for this luxury cars with a little better performance? In fact dacia humiliate a lot of cars and arrogance. This show that ca be made quality at low price not only in expensive.

  4. I've been here for a few months now, a lucky and very satisfied owner of an Audi Q8 S Line, I meet your Dacia Duster roads every day and they always make way for me to pass! these are two completely different cars, if you can't buy the audi, you don't need to make such a fuss, those of us who deal with cars know what audi means. !

  5. Just compare the prices between this cars. The dacia is just awesome. So much offroad capability for so less money. And the audi….. Sorry for this much money i expectet the audi would destroy the dacia. But no. Its just an expensiv soccermom suv

  6. The big posey Chelsea Tractor Audis can so so much but they arent true off roaders. The most mud it will see is paked on a verge picking the kids up!! Big eye opener for me. Also the Dacia is nowadays half the cost to run as the Audi PANZERWAGEN!! lol

  7. I like how Dacia delivers mobility and capability values vs. purchase cost to customers rather than pumping new tech features into the interior ordinary drivers even get a chance to use entirely.
    Just the fact of feeling embarrassed among the ppl in society is holding more buyers from purchasing this car, I reckon.

  8. man i would need a doctorate to differentiate Audi models, they all look the same, and have for 15 years.

  9. The people who buy the audi never see any off reading on the school run . The little dachia is far more likely to see a bit of off reading.

  10. Audi RSQ8 is not really an off-roader in the same way the Dacia Duster is an off-roader because the Audi RSQ8 is too wide, too low, has too shallow approach and departure angles, has low profile autobahn wheels, etc.

  11. It makes no sense, one weighs two tons with 600hp, the other weighs half and has 1/6 the horsepower of the RSQ8. E ithout considering the different tractions and the fact that the Audi RSQ8 has zero in off road.

  12. bro i used to love your videos coz i'm big fan but after this you realy not that good , because the duster is too damn cheaper thant the audi and doing it too damn right bro wake upppp


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